Keepers at Home Club

Two other gals and I are going to be starting a Keepers at Home club in about a month. This has been in the works since around January and I’m excited to see that it’s actually going to happen. In January, Maddie was asked to participate in a Daisy Girl Scout troop and I had originally said yes. After reevaluating that decision (and before actually attending a meeting) I ended up doing some research about the Girl Scouts online and was pretty uneasy about what I discovered.

Now I know that you can certainly have a “Christian” Girl Scout troop and make it go in pretty much your own direction. But after learning about so many of the feminist movement causes that Girl Scouts supports, I realized that even if we were in a “Christian” group, we would have to pay dues to support the national organization and I’m just not comfortable doing that.

Anyway, so after doing the research, I decided Maddie wouldn’t participate. She was crushed, though, because she was so excited about being in a group and doing crafts and other things like that. So I began looking for an alternative and came up with Keepers of the Faith. They have the “Keepers at Home” for girls and “Contenders of the Faith” for boys. I sent an email out to my friends with little girls to see if anyone would be interested in doing this with me. As it turns out, a couple of other moms had already heard of the program and wanted to get something started as well, so here we go!

I’m excited about the program because it will really be our own program. We don’t have to pay dues to a national organization. We can tailor it to fit our own needs and desires. We don’t have to push a liberal feminist agenda on our little girls. We’re going to have a more Biblically oriented skills focus – things that would be beneficial for them to know how to do as they grow into womanhood. I’m really beginning to look forward to the back to school season when this and our other school year activities resume.

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