Moving to St. Louis:
Boxes of Household Items Packed: 47
Boxes of Books Packed: 37
Number of Times our “House for Sale” Website has been Hit: 249
Number of People/Couples who have Walked Through the House: 17
Number of Trips to Home Depot for “House for Sale” signs and paint: 4
Days Left Til the U-haul Pulls out of the Springs: 68
Odd Jobs:
Number of Verse Packs Made (in January) for Eagle Lake: 325 (175 to go for that order to be complete)
Number of Verse Packs made (in January) for Others: 125 (25 more to go for an order placed today)
Candles made for the Glen Eyrie bookstore: 22
Hmm – seems like I had more things to put here, but can’t think of them now because Carrie is crying. Number of Times I’ve Needed to Stop Blogging Because My Children Need My Attention: 5,214 (okay, so I don’t really know, but it’s a lot).
TwentySomeone’s Amazon Rank as of 4:17pm: 8,306 – go Craig and Doug! Woo-Hoo!

Passing the Torch, Super Bowl Style

The annual “White Trash Super Bowl” party has its origins in a little basement apartment on San Rafael Street here in Colorado Springs. Craig and I were still pretty bleary eyed with the whole newborn thing (Maddie was about 4 weeks old, I think) and so after church, we came home, changed into our grubby clothes, piled on the cokes and cheese dip/tortilla chips, and sprawled out in front of the TV. I don’t particularly even care for football, but just the expectation that one has to veg out on Super Bowl Sunday has always made me a fan.

Somewhere around half-time, Craig commented that we sure looked like white trash. Our house was a mess, we had cans and chip crumbs scattered about, we really did look the part. To add to that, when Maddie woke up from her nap, I dressed her in only a diaper and brought her out to join us. Thus the birth of the “White Trash Super Bowl Party.”

When we told our friends, they thought it was pretty hysterical and decided to join us the next year and it has thus grown and expanded to our house on Monument Street, and finally to our home here on Chambers Drive. There was just one year we didn’t host and that was because I was due to have Katie around that time and frankly, didn’t feel up to the challenge that year. We did attend it, though – just at someone else’s place.

We were planning a grand send off this year, since this will be our last one here in Colorado Springs. But considering that Craig is speaking for the young couples retreat for our church that same weekend and we are all going, we won’t get back home until sometime that afternoon which doesn’t leave much time to prepare (yes, even a white trash party requires some type of planning and preparation – somebody has got to strategically place the cinder blocks under the car tires and scatter buckets and hoses across the front yard…). Add to that our need to keep our house somewhat perpetually tidy so we can hopefully sell it soon – it just doesn’t make sense for us to host this year.

So I hereby pass the torch to Tim and Amy Porter. They have a much bigger house and TV anyway and since this party has taken on a life of its own, it’s probably time we moved it to a bigger venue.

We’ll (Amy will) get the details out soon. Until then, mark your calendar for Sunday, February 6 at the Porter Place. BYO*cheap*B.