On Raising Baby Cannibals, Or How I Find Time to Blog

Thanks to all of you for satisfying my curiosity with the roll call post. I have plans to respond soon (ie: sometime today).

As for the specific question re: when do I find time to blog? I give you the anecdote of the self-feeding baby.

Before packing up 90% of our lives, I stored the cereal in a cabinet low to the ground. Recently, Millie discovered this and could be found almost any time of the day with a box of cereal in hand, helping herself. She also fed the floor more than its fair share of Rice Krispies especially while we were toilet training her.

Now that I’m consolidating, the cereal has been moved to a (high) shelf in the hall closet so that I know where I can expect to find the boxes when I’m looking for them (generally in the morning, around breakfast time). This also helps with keeping the Rice Krispies out of the toilet.

That’s backstory. *Usually* I help the girls pour their own cereal and get them settled at the table to eat alone while I blog/check blogs. With my new laptop, I am able to do this upstairs just about 10 feet from where they are. This morning I made a poor decision to give Millie her cereal in a bowl with milk and a spoon just like the other girls. Usually she gets a handful of dry cereal tossed in front of her straight on the table.


I came over here to happily check on all things bloggish and when I returned to my self-feeding baby, I discovered she had a doll house baby in her left hand and she was happily dipping it in and out of the cornflakes and then sucking the mushy cornflakes off of the baby’s head.

That’s right. Training them up in the way they should go.

And *that’s* how I find time to blog.


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