We’re Here

I keep having flashbacks to both my first day of college – moving into the dorm and the flat out intimidation that came with meeting everyone and plastering a smile on my face so as to have a good first impression – and my first day at Eagle Lake – moving into a similar situation, meeting folks for the first time, trying to reconcile my introverted nature with a desire to show sisterly love.

I’ve held a thesis of sorts for about two years now that Christians don’t really allow other Christians to be introverts. It’s not really an accepted personality trait. We’re all supposed to exude enthusiasm around the clock, right?

And true to form, I began our time here by starting an argument with Craig which we now have to reconcile on top of everything else we have to acclimate ourselves to with this latest transplant.

I hate this about me. But there it is. Need to go pray. And unpack. And grocery shop. Oh, and apologize. And perhaps dig deep inside me to pull out a temporary “E” for at least this week…

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