Redeeming Myself

I just thought I’d let everyone know that I’m actually looking forward to the picnic tonight as well as the orientation tomorrow morning. So see? All is not totally lost. I can have good people moments. I can be positive.

Along that note, I’m also pleasantly surprised by the stackable washer and dryer combo as it holds more than I thought it was going to. And the oven is nice too.

And in keeping with that positive note, I’ll not complain about the dented oil pan Mr. Dobbs wants us to pay $470 to fix on the cavalier or that the inspections guy just told us we have $600 worth of repairs to do on the same cavalier in order for it to pass. Instead, this gives us the opportunity to return to the days of one vehicle for our family. I think we are in a good position to pull that off in this new season of life. So there you go. Trying to look at the bright side!

10:21 p.m. update:
I really enjoyed the evening. We met some great folks and it was actually fun. 🙂