Highlights of the Week

*Finally arriving here at Covenant Seminary. Sure, we’re 6 weeks away from settling into our own place, but we’re here, darn it! Wee Hoo!

*Having dinner with Ed and Marcie on Thursday night – *great* food, lovely conversation, very nice time.

*Meeting Jane before she moved away from St. Louis on Friday. Another great experience of the blogosphere becoming real. (Great to meet you, Jane!)

*Campus picnic on Friday – yes we were concerned, but have turned a pretty sharp corner. Both of us are doing a fairly decent job of not only interacting with others, but even initiating some. I know, it sounds pathetic, but it’s actually pretty significant.

*Registering for classes on Saturday morning – looks like we’re official. Game on.

*Riding a shuttle bus to Central Presbyterian Church this morning. Okay, so that was really more of a highlight for the girls. A *major* highlight. 🙂 Giving that one 2 more weeks and then maybe trying out Covenant Presbyterian Church or Old Orchard.

*Having dinner with Mitchell and Lisa and their children tonight at their home. They are newbies like us. We enjoyed the time very much.

*Upcoming highlight of tomorrow: Craig’s Greek class begins. That’s a highlight. Right? Okay, so the real highlight is that I get to go to the campus bookstore and am required to purchase books. That, is indeed a true highlight.