Consider Yourself Warned

We bought a kite the other day. Just a cheap $1 store variety with Big Bird as the character. Two days ago, while attempting to fly said kite, one of the girls ran kind of beside and around Millie, wrapping the kite string around her neck (by accident), which tightened and cut her. It looks horrible. At first it didn’t really look like anything happened, but then over the course of the evening it got progressively worse to the point of looking like an actual cut yesterday morning.

We had a better wind last night and so I let the girls fly it again, only this time I had intentions of being super watchful over Millie – and I was. And, still, it happened again. What are the odds? So today she has two kite string cuts on her neck.

And the kite is in the trash.

I don’t normally think I go overboard with the over-protection thing, but last night I was. I was playing defense around Millie the whole rest of the night, as well as other babies who were out on the field – if the kite was coming near, I was running towards small children I didn’t even know with my arms extended. I’m sure *I* looked like the Big Bird character. But I was determined not to take any more chances.

And now you know. Kites can be fun, but beware of the younger set who might possibly get their neck caught in the crosswind. Maybe even twice.

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