Possible Great News!

Notice my disclaimer there? Really, we have great news. Someone made us an offer on our house yesterday, which we accepted, although it was significantly lower than our original asking price and considerably lower than our current listing price. The bottom line is that we won’t make any money on it. We won’t lose any either, though, so that’s good.

The hesitation comes in that of course nothing is official until we sign the closing papers somewhere around mid-July and have deposited the check into our account. Normally I’d be exuding excitement by this news, but the experience of the last six months has taught me not to do that anymore. We’re so ready to be done with this whole deal. Done.

So, we have one more month of paying mortgage and rent and then hopefully we can recover from semi-financial chaos of the last two months (van repairs, Greek class, rent deposit plus rent, mortgage payments, etc.) and get our lives in order. I hope so, I really don’t want to ever call any of the companies that will help repair your credit that I found in preparation for the worst case scenario.

Among other news:
*Craig has his first official test tomorrow night. He’s studying his brains out right now.
*The girls and I are all attending a VBS (for free, but I’m helping in the nursery all week which is fine because Grace is going through her first real seperation anxiety phase, so I’ll be with her) all this week. We’ve been on the hunt for free, indoor (read: air conditioned) activities to keep us busy in this interim time, so this VBS will be great!
*Will Leingang, the guy who so graciously set up my blog for me as a total surprise last summer got engaged last week to a really sweet gal, Rose, whom we met on a trip to San Diego in October. Congrats you two! So happy to hear the big news.
*We experienced a near-perfect Father’s Day by going to church, the girls being extra sweet to each other today, everyone taking a nap except Craig (he studied), then a trip to the mall to remind ourselves of why we don’t normally go to the mall and also to eat dinner in honor of Craig. Now the girls have all gone to bed without complaining and it has been about as great a day as could possibly exist.

And with that, I’m off to read. Night!


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