Coming Together

The pieces of our puzzle are starting to fit together a little better than they have seemed to. I’m sure they’ve all been in the box these past three and a half months, but when you don’t have the lid, they don’t make much sense.

On Friday, we make our final move. It’s been long in coming, but it’s reachable now and we’re all so glad. I overheard the girls today talking about the move and Maddie said, “We are moving into our next place this week!” Chloe said, “How long will we be there?” and Maddie answered, “Just four years and then we’ll move again!” Indeed.

On Thursday, the sale of our Colorado house becomes official. The weight will be lifted. We can get started on the budget we came up with for the St. Louis adventure back in February.

Today we found our church. We certainly don’t believe in magical signs for determining where we go or what we do, but there was something comforting about walking out of the service this morning and both me and Craig giving happy sighs and saying, “Yep. That’s the one.” (Note to those of you who live in St. Louis and invited us to your churches, we have nothing negative that we’re harboring about your churches. We liked many aspects about those as well, this one just seems the right fit for us.)

Plugging in, settling down, moving on. It feels good.

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