Proving My Point

So all the *hard* stuff is practically done here and we’re to the little things like placing the picture frames around and shuffling the last piles of books we seem to have no place for (despite purchasing three new bookcases and receiving two used bookcases for free from the St. Louis Craig’s List.

After a few minor differences of opinion, I became unreasonably disgruntled when Craig suggested the big bookcase I had placed to the left of the window in the school room would fit better on the right side. Changing it would require a lot of work, taking everything off, moving everything on the right side of the window out of the way, moving the bookcase over, putting everything back on, moving all the stuff on the right side of the window to the left, etc.

This is no ordinary room. It’s the school/craft/miscellaneous everything else room. It has a *lot* of stuff. Mostly, though, I just didn’t want to take Craig’s advice. I, after all, had set the room up myself and was happy with it. I didn’t want to change it. I didn’t want him to be right.

But after he suggested again that I at least measure the wall and the bookcase to see if it would fit better, I finally did it, although not happily. Of course it was a better fit and so I proceeded to do just what I described above. Halfway through the process, I heard/felt a pop in my back. I proved my point alright – the point that I’m an idiot. And despite my desire to show I could “do it myself” just like one of the half pints, I couldn’t.

So here I sit, a mandatory rest because it hurts too much to bend over. A constant reminder of what pride actually accomplishes in me.