Partying Like Rock Stars

We are enjoying San Diego in the way we would pretty much enjoy any place when we know our children are in good care, we can sleep in late (if you call 6:30 late – still on Central time), order room service, and basically become hermits for a good portion of the day.

We made an attempt at enjoying the city and its offerings yesterday. After finding the hotel and then picking up Craig’s tux, we attempted to go to the December Nights in Balboa Park event. After a comedy of driving errors, we found what we thought were the “traditional celebrations, cultural attractions and theatrical and musical entertainment throughout the Park,” but in actuality it was only a little community (perhaps a local public school?) ticket booth fundraiser where you could, for two tickets, throw a water-filled sponge at one of the teachers, among other things. So typical for us…

So we gave up and came back to the hotel for a late lunch and a catnap (did I mention we woke up at 4 a.m. for this excursion?) then went to the wedding rehearsal last night.

After that we had our very first Dave & Busters experience, where Craig and I made public fools out of ourselves playing “Dance, Dance Revolution” and I rocked the house on skeeball, winning just enough tickets to bring home four dinky yo-yos, four gel-filled bracelets, and one of those weird paper finger-pull jail things for the girls (the finger jail is for me…what are those called again?).

Today our goal is to get a good start on a 2500-2700 word paper we each have due one week from tomorrow for the same class and then the festivities begin again this afternoon at 3 when Craig dons his tux and heads over for pictures and the wedding and reception tonight. We may go for a walk down along the harbor over lunch…or maybe we’ll order room service again.
It’s nice to take a break sometimes. But I will be glad to get back to my half pints tomorrow.

Edited to add Craig’s highlights:
*We drove through the Gaslamp Quarter (which I mistakenly equated to the old “Red Light District,” which it wasn’t).
*We didn’t get killed on the freeway despite getting upgraded for free from an economy rental to a Matrix and Craig’s been “vroom”-ing like a little boy all weekend.
*I cleaned out my purse.
*We saw a gigantic cruise ship from Holland as we drove by the harbor (”bloody huge,” Craig said).


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