I Wish

I wish I didn’t have to take my Reformation and Church History final exam.
I wish I hadn’t forgotten Carrie’s speech therapy today.
I wish the house I drove by today and picked up the “for sale” flyer on didn’t cost $339,000.
I wish I were never short-tempered with my children.
I wish I were a better housekeeper.
I wish Grace would remember living in Colorado.
I wish all the little girls on campus would be kind to each other and cut out the catty “I was playing with X and don’t want you to play with us right now” crap.
I wish I didn’t have to worry about losing 25 more pounds.
I wish I liked to exercise.
I wish I finished everything I started.
I, wish, I, understood, the, proper, use, of, the, comma.
I wish I didn’t have to ask the question, “So are we Presbyterian or aren’t we?”
I wish I had read Pride and Prejudice last month so as not to cause frustration for anyone else who did.
I wish the maintenance department on campus didn’t get so bent out of shape over bikes on the lawn next to our apartment.
I wish of all the books on our shelves that we own, that I would have more of them read than unread.
I wish I could afford to feed my girls fresh blueberries everyday.
I wish my waist could afford to let me eat Trader Joe’s chocolate seashells everyday.
I wish I knew how to use html and other computer coding to jazz up my blog and put things other than text links in the sidebar.
I wish our family scrapbook was all caught up.
I wish I never second-guessed our education plans for the girls.
I wish I didn’t stack papers and books and everything else on every flat surface I come into contact with.
I wish I were a better wife.
I wish I didn’t need Dr. Grammar.
I wish I didn’t like to stay up late.
I wish I could wake up early.
I wish I liked the taste of coffee.
I wish I wasn’t so dependent upon modern conveniences.
I wish I would remember to put gasoline in the van when it gets close to empty.
I wish the price of gasoline didn’t match the price of milk.
I wish I weren’t a smart ass.
I wish my personality allowed for a little more gregariousness than it currently does.
I wish I knew what is in store for us after seminary.
I wish I didn’t need spellcheck.
I wish I read the Bible every day.
I wish I enjoyed my responsibilities more.
I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish
Learning to be content, in any and every circumstance that I am in…


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