We’re in the middle of a perfect Memorial Day (and now that I’ve said that while it’s not even 1 p.m. yet, I sure hope I didn’t jinx the rest of the day…). This morning we took the girls to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery for their ceremony to honor those who have fought on our behalf. We sweated, we squinted, and we saluted. The girls did amazingly well considering we were out in the direct sun for over an hour. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all those past, present, and future who have ensured, still ensure, and will continue to ensure, that we live the way we currently do. Thank you.

We came home to eat lunch and give the little ones naps and low and behold, an Andy Griffith marathon is on TV right now. Ga-ooo-oooolllllyyyy! The girls have never seen any of these before and are enjoying them very much. It was funny when half-way through one episode, Maddie asked Craig to adjust the TV so she could see the color…

In another 45 minutes or so we will head back out again to the new Busch Stadium for our very first Cardinals game of this season. I’ve popped a double batch of popcorn in my stir-crazy, we’ve got our soft-bottled Coke Zeros cooled down and ready to go, and we’re ready. Play Ball!
When we get back from the game, our friends Ben and Jess and their three little ones will be here to stay overnight (our other friends, the Ps are out of town and have graciously said we can use their apartment tonight).

It just doesn’t get much better than this, y’all. Hope you are enjoying your day as much as we’re enjoying ours!


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