Megan the Troublemaker

I don’t really like to think of myself as a troublemaker, but tonight – tonight, I just may enter that category. There is a certain hotel we like to stay at every time we drive through Kansas because it has a nice pool and a pretty great little water slide. And when we were here last weekend, we had no problems with it whatsoever.

But tonight there is an enormous birthday party going on and the pool is so crazy crowded that it is unsafe. Last week, I had Truett stay out with my older two while I got the younger two ready for bed and I planned to do the same tonight. But I don’t trust any kids out there unsupervised right now, it is that crowded.

I’m bummed. This trip is really our vacation, you know, and we don’t shell out good money for a hotel that often. And if we were just going to end up in our room watching Bugs on TV, well, we could have done it for a whole lot cheaper down the street. My girls are bummed too because I made them get out a whole hour earlier than I originally told them.

I went to talk to the manager who is characteristically too busy. I’m not sure what I’m trying to accomplish by voicing my complaint, but I feel really compelled to do it anyway. So I left my room number and told the desk clerk that I expected a phone call.

We’ll see how great the customer service is here in a bit. Wish me luck. And the proper balance between grace and assertiveness (there is one, right???).


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