Van Church

Sort of like church van, only different. Instead of being a van owned by a church, we will attempt to have church in the van tomorrow. I downloaded a sermon from Tim Keller and copied it to CD and made a new mix of music just for this purpose. Here’s the list:

Amazing Grace (Sufjan Stevens)
What Wondrous Love is This (Indelible Grace 2)
I Need Thee Every Hour (Indelible Grace 1)
Every Moment Singing (Joel Hanson)
O The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus (IG 1)
Approach My Soul (IG 1)
When I Hear The Praises Start (Keith Green)
God Be Merciful to Me (IG 2)
Come Ye Sinners (IG 1)
Creed (Rich Mullins)
O Love That Will Not Let Me Go (IG 1)
And Can It Be (IG 1)
El Shaddai (Michael Card)
Thy Mercy My God (IG 2)
Arise, My Soul, Arise (IG 1)
40 (U2)
The Church’s One Foundation (IG 1)
How Sweet The Name Of Jesus Sounds (IG 2)
Amen! Praise and Glory (Michael Card)

So – who wants to worship with us in the morning? We might have room for you on top of some bags…


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