Sad, Sad, Sad

I, like many, have been following Ted Haggard’s story these past few days, worried and hopeful and praying. I’m no longer hopeful as it sounds like much of what has been brought out has some truth to it, if not much truth. I’m still praying.

Out of 14,000 people, I probably only personally know three or four families who will be directly impacted by this, but it goes way beyond those 14,000. I have friends heavily involved in ministry to families from this church and the entire community of Colorado Springs will be reeling from this for weeks to come.

My heart is burdened tonight. And as I prayed for the Haggard family as they deal with this, I began praying for the rest of our leaders: for John Piper, for John MacArthur, for Bryan Chappel, for George Stulac, for my own husband, for many others. Lord, shield these men you have granted so much spiritual responsibility to. I pray that temptations that come to them would not be greater than they can bear, but that you would provide a way out so that they can stand up under them, just as you have promised in your Word.

I pray, Father, that you would maintain the integrity of our leaders and that you would protect your own name from the folly of sinners, even those who are saved by grace. I pray that those who seek to make fools of Christians would also feel the weight of sin and that though there are consequences for actions and sometimes those consequences are much more public than others, that you would allow this to fade away and allow forgiveness to reign.

Please, for those who have been offended, that they would forgive. That they would cease to spew hateful things out. That they would look inward and deal with their own issues and maybe even be a tiny bit grateful that their grave sins, though maybe not as impacting on the masses, are not made known to the masses by the masses. I know that I am thankful my sinful behaviors are not publized on the national news. I also know that even though mine aren’t, they are still just as wrong, just as sinful, and you died for them just as you died for all sins.

And for those who have been hurt, that you would bring healing and that your name would be glorified and honored.


Here are Craig’s thoughts on the matter.



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