When the Going Gets Tough…

…the tough gets ignored altogether and craft time begins!

I’m not sure what it is about me that does this, but whenever I’ve got a bajillion things that absolutely *must* get done, I decide that on top of those things, that right now is the time I have to make candles or pull out the stamp supplies, or on a night like tonight, do both. At the same time.

I’m totally insane and I know it. I’m just in denial that I’ve still got to pull a project out of somewhere for my C. S. Lewis class. It just occurred to me TODAY that next week is the last week of class for the semester which means I have two weeks to do the project. Where have I been all semester long?

I also agreed to make over 50 verse packs for two people who found me on the internet and I need to do that this week.

I also need to alter my 1950’s dress for the Covenant Christmas Banquet next week.
Somewhere in there I need to get back to teaching my children because, hello? Oh yes, we homeschool.

So, knowing all this and simply not caring, I pulled out my stamping supplies tonight so Craig, Kent Needler, and I could come up with a cool table favor involving matchbooks and a star stamp for the banquet. And I then proceeded to stamp 80 of the 130 matchbooks we’re doing. Then I got tired of that and realized I agreed to make some candles for the women’s Christmas brunch at my church this Saturday. So I pulled out the candle stuff and went to work on that. So now I have stamping stuff and candle stuff scattered all over the table. While the wax was cooling, I realized I needed to fill out some paperwork for a mystery web shop I did (and am now sorry I did it because I signed up to do three at the same time and I’m hating them right now). So I abandoned the candles and stamps and proceeded to finish the first of those three web shops. That’s done now, so I’m happy about that. But now I have to go deal with the candle and stamp mess which means I’m probably going to feel compelled to finish the rest of the 130 matchbooks before I clean it all up.

And I’m sure that’s more than anyone cared to know about my somewhat misspent Wednesday night.

In other news on Millie’s first full day home (yesterday) she took it upon herself to cover our fridge in original art:

Art Work

And in case anyone is even more confused, we don’t go to Concordia Seminary, we go to Covenant Seminary. We got the Concordia sticky notes when we took a campus tour earlier this semester. There isn’t a lot my kids like more than being given free reign with sticky notes.

Okay, now I’m just wasting more time. Off I go to complete something and clean something else up. I should probably try to go to bed before 1:00 tonight too…