Speaking of that Reset Button…

Let’s see. Where is it? I know it’s got to be around here somewhere. Have you seen it? My Bible – It was just over there. Or maybe it was over there. I’m just certain it made the move to the new house with us…

Among the things I don’t tell report on a daily basis is how often I fall short in spending time in the Word. And everyone knows I’m a pitiful failure at fulfilling my new year’s goals (I’m thinking of my McDonald’s “fast” from last year and my sugar “fast” the year before). I was just on the floor assembling some fine furniture from Target (honest – this is what it said on the instructions:

Congratulations on your purchase of fine furniture – since when did a $35 chrome cart that any idiot can screw together in under ten minutes qualify as fine furniture?) when I about panicked. I’ve got only one hour left to prevent ending the first day of the new year without at least trying to pick up the quiet time habit again. Because if I don’t do it today I have a better excuse tomorrow…

Anyway, I’m stalling. I do know where that Bible is and I’m signing off right now to go get it. And no, I don’t think God loves me more if I do it, but darn it if I don’t want to want to do this because I love Him. So why is it so hard sometimes?

Happy New Year. Here’s to fresh starts in more ways than one.


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