The Birthday Fairy

Birthday Fairy

Katie turns 5 tomorrow, but she’s always going to be the baby of the family I think, despite the fact that she’s #3 of 4. She’s got this tremendously sweet quality about her that I’ve not seen in many kids, which just sort of makes her seem a bit younger than she really is (and I like it that way). She’s super cuddly and sweet. She’s pretty darn excited about turning 5 tomorrow, too, though when asked why 5 is going to be so much better than 4 she says, “Well, just because it’s 5.” And who can argue with that?

She had a hard time going to sleep tonight, so when she popped out of bed again at 9:30 I finally said, “Katie, if you don’t go to sleep soon, the Birthday Fairy isn’t going to come tomorrow.” Huh? Where did that come from? Well, it worked anyway. She skipped right back to bed babbling about the Birthday Fairy. So shoot – guess that means I need to wrap some presents and get them ready for the morning instead of the evening when we usually do the gift thing around here.

Did you know the Birthday Fairy doesn’t have any birthday wrapping paper? And no, she’s not going to cutesy stamp any and make her own at 11:45 pm the night before she’s supposed to appear. The Birthday Fairy does, however, keep a large supply of super cheap Christmas wrapping paper. This could explain why all of Katie’s presents are wrapped in snowman wrapping paper. Well, it snows in February. It’s darn cold enough to right now anyway.

But the best thing of all is the big gift. The girls used to have a plastic Fisher Price dollhouse and a boatload of accessories. When nobody played with it for about a full year we gave it to our friends who we now live down the street from. Ever since then the younger ones have shown a big interest in doll houses again, only the wooden kind in particular. Have you ever priced one of those babies? They aren’t cheap. And the stuff for inside? Not cheap either.

So I found one on Amazon which was still really expensive and decided to combine all of her birthday money from various sources to get it for her. When I went to place the order I found out that shipping was $30, making a not-cheap gift a lot more expensive. So I decided $30 was worth my driving around St. Louis with four kids to find it in a real live store. Last Thursday I took all the girls to Toys R Us (Craig calls this place “Toys or Else”) and wouldn’t you know it? No wooden dollhouses.

This was our first Toys R Us run in St. Louis which isn’t too bad considering we’ve been here over 18 months now. The girls were actually GREAT in the store and were made more so by their first-hand witness of a 4-year-old boy who wanted a specific action-figure type toy and his guardian (mom? grandma? hard to tell) wouldn’t let him have it. He pitched a fit the size of Texas and I’m talking the kind of fit you only read about (like you’re doing now) – I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one of those in person before. It was truly amazing. My girls were all, “Wow, he’s not obeying, is he?” And it made them be extra good because they could see what extra bad looked like right there before their eyes.

Anyway, so strike one on that. We then went to a mall where I thought I’d seen this wooden dollhouse before. Turns out I chose the wrong mall. Chose the only mall, in fact, where there was no toy store at all, but there was a Pottery Barn Kids. They, of course, had a wooden dollhouse, but it, of course, was $200 for just the house. You can imagine how much the furnishings were.
Strike two.

The next day I had 45 minutes to run to another mall alone. Here is where I scored the jackpot. They had this game store that was getting rid of everything they had so they could start over with a brand new inventory. They had this great wooden dollhouse, already furnished, for 50% off. I was so surprised it was still in the store, but I think it was because the box it was in was really beat up and it looked like a yucky return. I was willing to take my chances on a yucky box for 50% off a nice, furnished wooden dollhouse. I’m so not sorry that I did.

So…the Birthday Fairy has arrived and tomorrow should be fun. But the Birthday Fairy needs to go to bed now because she has stayed up way too late yet again.