This homemaker thing takes a lot more work than it looks. When we moved, I called it a reset button, which of course, it was. It was a restart for a lot of things, none the least of which was to make seminary a part of our existing lives and not our entire lives, which is the way it felt (to me) when we lived on-campus. I’m actually enjoying seminary life more now that we’re not surrounded by it all the time and have been going to chapel on Friday mornings with the older two while the younger two are in Mom’s Morning Out there on campus. I had always dreamed of going to chapel in the months leading up to our move to seminary, but then once we lived there it never sounded like a good idea. Anyway, I’m getting off-topic.

So that was the good reset. The bad reset is that our schedule and routine got all out out of whack from the second Craig said the word, “move.” And that lack of schedule and routine has led to any number of frustrations and discontent in all of us including making me seriously wonder (again) if we should go ahead and put the girls in school. It just wasn’t working.

So last Tuesday I took a significant amount of time and actually planned out what I wanted to cover each day. I’d been relying on the Sonlight teacher’s manual for most of my daily direction, but that wasn’t working because if we were running behind I’d just mentally say, “oh well, we’ll just have to skip _______ and ________.” With my new plan, I can see what much or more importantly, how little we still have left to cover that day. It isn’t that we weren’t doing stuff before, but there was nothing for me to check off and thus my feeling of not completing enough, which consequently led to my thinking I was stinking as a teacher. For the last week I’ve had four sheets of paper for each day: Maddie’s individual things, Chloe’s individual things, Katie and Millie’s few little things that are usually the first to get scrapped when I don’t have them planned out, and the things we all do together (which really means Maddie and Chloe do together). It’s been amazing. I have concrete goals to meet and when I do need to sweep or fold some laundry or take a shower, I have concrete goals for the girls to work on by themselves which they can already see on their sheets. They like checking things off too, so this is a win-win.

So whew! One reset has officially been re-reset and that feels good. Now the next area? Menu planning. I can’t remember the last time I made a two-week menu plan for our family. And the lack of knowing what we’d be having contributed to another major level of stress for us. So, one week into being organized for school, I finally got reorganized with our meals. It’s amazing how something so simple as that plan has relieved so much chaos in my mind and life. It was great to simply look at the fridge door last night and notice that I needed to pull out some ground beef for the meal I had planned for tonight. I already know and that is so amazing.

So whew! Two resets have officially be re-reset. And that really really feels good. Hopefully by next week I will be ready to reset our cleaning routine because man, does that need some serious attention. Until then, I’m happy with the goals I’ve accomplished thus far. If I can keep on top of those I will feel like I’ve met with some success.

And so my blogging has been light, but it’s been for good reason. I’ve been attending to things that I say are my priority. I’m actually starting to act like they are again.