Effects of the Fall

Maddie had her 8 year old well-check exam this week and her vision came in at 20/40. I knew this day would come, after all Craig and I both wear glasses, but I thought the decline might have started a bit later. I guess come to think of it my own vision could very well have started going downhill around this age as well, though it didn’t become noticeable to others (ie: my sixth grade science teacher) until I was 12.

She goes to see a real eye doctor later on in March and she’s cool about it. She said, “I don’t mind if I have to wear glasses, Mom.” And I know she won’t. Not for the first three days or so, but once it becomes a have-to, when you don’t get to choose anymore, she might not be so amiable. But those days might not come for a bit still yet, as I don’t know if they give glasses for just a 20/40 or not, so she may still have a choice here. Once you get to 20/400, ahem, you don’t have the option anymore.



Thanks to Geography Songs, we’ve learned the continents and oceans, the countries of Western Europe and now the Middle East. I can locate on a map where Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Monaco, and Germany are.

This is no small feat for me, I assure you. I was sadly unaware of the existence of either Luxembourg or Liechtenstein before last week…

What’s funnier is that Millie, the 3 year old, has been going around singing the continents and oceans song. She has no idea what it means, but she’s got the continents down now.

This is what I’ve been waiting for. That education I didn’t seem to get the first time around…