Effects of the Fall

Maddie had her 8 year old well-check exam this week and her vision came in at 20/40. I knew this day would come, after all Craig and I both wear glasses, but I thought the decline might have started a bit later. I guess come to think of it my own vision could very well have started going downhill around this age as well, though it didn’t become noticeable to others (ie: my sixth grade science teacher) until I was 12.

She goes to see a real eye doctor later on in March and she’s cool about it. She said, “I don’t mind if I have to wear glasses, Mom.” And I know she won’t. Not for the first three days or so, but once it becomes a have-to, when you don’t get to choose anymore, she might not be so amiable. But those days might not come for a bit still yet, as I don’t know if they give glasses for just a 20/40 or not, so she may still have a choice here. Once you get to 20/400, ahem, you don’t have the option anymore.

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