I am the Paparrazi

Earlier this week Craig came home and casually mentioned that he’d run into Travis Scott that morning and also met Margie Haack. My eyes got big and I went over to touch his hand. “YOU MET MARGIE HAACK?” I said, very not-so-calmly or casually. He grinned and and nodded. He knows I love her even though I’ve never met her. He knows that I want to know her and so he rubbed it in, just a bit. He was nice about it though, and only rolled his eyes half-way when I ran over to touch the hand that had shaken the hand of Margie Haack.

My exposure to Margie (and Denis) Haack goes back to October of 2004 when I met Andi Ashworth (my one and only claim to 6 degrees of fame). She mentioned the ministry of the Haacks to me and I subsequently subscribed to their newsletters and have been a raving lunatic major fan ever since.

So today I was in Edwards Hall with the two younger half pints while the two older half pints were in choir rehearsal down the street when I looked over and saw Travis Scott. He, once again, was with Margie Haack and when I saw her I lost all restraint. “IT’S MARGIE HAACK!” I said in my not-so-calmly or casually voice with a Pee-Wee sized grin on my face. I began gushing. I just LOVE your newsletters. I [wanted to say that I just love you!] but just said, I… just love them. Still grinning.

So there I stood, acting all cool, chatting there with Travis and Margie like it was something I did every other day when all of a sudden I realized I had my camera with me. I looked at her, I looked at the camera, I looked at Brooke, Travis’ wife, and then back at Margie. “Um… would you mind taking a picture with me so I could put it on my blog?”

I said it just like that. Because I am pathetic just like that. But I have no regrets because I am now in possession of this:

Me and Margie Haack

And if you want to I’ll let you touch my hand too. And I won’t roll my eyes.