Celebrity Week

In addition to meeting Margie Haack last week, I was also priviledged to meet with the one and only Martha Brady (not to be confused with Marsha Brady…)

She was in town for a weekend conference at Covenant and we agreed to meet over her lunch break. So imagine how dumb I looked wandering around a very packed Edwards Hall looking for someone whom I’d never met nor even knew what she looked like. So dumb that I grabbed a plate of lunch provided for conference guests just to look like I sort of belonged in that room. (Yes, I did confess this to someone who is in a position to tell me whether or not this was a big deal. He said it wasn’t, so I’m done feeling guilty over it.)

Anyway, half-way through my stolen lunch, she spied me and what relief! We chatted for the next 45 minutes or so and it was a lot of fun. Thanks for spending your only long break of the day with me, Martha! You are welcome around here anytime.

Me and Martha Brady