What Grown-Ups Do for Fun

Tonight the girls were in the Friday night Parent’s Night Out the seminary provides on a monthly basis. We had a restaurant.com dining certificate to The Delmar and afterwards tried to pay a surprise visit to one of the pastors of our church because he lives pretty close to the restaurant where we were.

After figuring out that he wasn’t home so we couldn’t drop in on him unexpectedly (which we had expected because it was, after all, a Friday night and he is, after all, a single guy and he does, after all, live in a thriving city, so chances are good he’s going to be out…), we figured out how to get in the building anyway. We walked around admiring the architecture and the art and then rode the elevator up to his floor just for fun. Then we rode it back down again. Then we looked at each other and said, “What the heck.” Craig pushed “17″ and we rode it all the way to the top. Just because we could.

Could be that we wanted to walk around the top deck and see the city lights at night. Or it could be that we wanted to be the ones to push the elevator buttons without hearing an argument ensue. Who knows? Anyway, it was fun.