Out of Sorts

I’ve been sad about baby Amelia all day long.
Can’t stay organized.
Too much laundry to do.
Behind in my seminary work again.
Toothpaste smeared all over the sink.
Can’t keep my desk clear to save my life.
Sad for baby Amelia all day.
Sweep it all up and five minutes later, who can tell?
Easily frustrated by simple questions.
Not loving Jesus very much.
Not acting loving toward anybody.
Four people over for dinner tomorrow night.
Don’t feel like cooking.
Sad for baby Amelia all day.
Made a rhubarb pie tonight.
Ran out of rhubarb.
Substituted apples for the missing rhubarb making it a rhubarb and apple pie.
Will probably stink.
Girls wanted to sew tonight.
They’ve been clamouring to do seriously intensive crafty stuff all day.
Didn’t want them to.
Finally gave in.
They stayed up later than usual.
And still begged to stay up even later.
Sad for baby Amelia all day.
Youngest is a clothes horse.
Tried on ten different outfits tonight and left their carcasses in a heap on the basement floor.
Found it while rounding up everyone for bedtime.
Didn’t think it was cute.
Sighed louder than I needed to.
Sad for baby Amelia all day.
Whoever wrote “Don’t Worry Be Happy” was stupid.