Postmodern Dork

When Randi began her Sewing Seeds project, I wanted to participate, but didn’t think I’d have the time. So, in good postmodern fashion, I didn’t commit to the project, but kept it in the back of my mind for Spring Break (which we’re taking right now) along with about 5,000 other things I’ve saved for this very week.

I bought the pattern about two weeks ago and then tonight thought, “What the heck,” and pulled it out. It was no big deal. I snipped, I pinned, I sewed. And then I looked and thought. Hmmm. Something is wrong here. Again in true postmodern fashion, I didn’t follow the rules. I gave the guide sheet a cursory glance. I cut out my pieces. Or did I? I managed to miss the part on the pieces where it said to “cut 2 on the fold” or “cut 3 on the fold” and guess what I did? Cut 1. Yep, I did. And I didn’t notice it until I had the whole thing almost completely done. All that’s left to do is make the waistband casing and insert the elastic. Once I do that, I’ll have a pretty cute, over-sized skirt for Kit, the American Girl doll.

Sigh. So I pulled out another piece of fabric (good thing I have a stash that’s fit to keep me busy in case of a need to escape to a long-term bomb shelter type existence). This time, I *ahem* followed the rules. And I’m almost done with that one now too and it will actually fit a size 8 little girl. So Randi, consider me committed now. I’m putting my postmodern self aside for a few days and saying I will do this and I will follow the directions. And I will get it done. And now, for your laughing pleasure, I present you with my postmodern goof:

Sewing Goof


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