Spring Breaks

You might have thought I made a mistake up there with the “s” but really, there was more breaking of our wills that happened to us than the taking of a break. But then, I’m not sure why I was that surprised.

We made an attempt at some light-hearted family fun. That should have been our first clue. Then something happened to Craig’s left foot (Daniel Day Lewis, anyone?) which delayed our departure by a few hours, not to mention necessitated his use of crutches and prescription narcotics. He still went with us, I mean, we still all went (???) and though he couldn’t participate fully on the first evening (it was an indoor water park) the rest of us managed to have some fun.
By the next day, though, he was completely fine and we had a fairly enjoyable day.

Until 1:30 a.m. This was when Katie woke us up with the sound of explosive vomiting. The only fortunate thing about this was that she was sleeping on an extra hotel blanket on the floor and the mess was fairly contained within the blanket area and not on another sister. But this episode was stuck on repeat for every 45-60 minutes for the rest of the night.

Somewhere in the midst of this, though, we also noticed that Chlow was now running a high fever. It was a long night.

Instead of playing in the water park some more this morning, we just packed up immediately and left for home, which was interesting because Katie was still in the process of vomiting and now Chloe was also joining in the fun. So we cleaned up a significant amount of this all the way home.

Now we’re here doing what we love most anyway and that’s veg in front of favorite movies on a beautiful spring day and wonder why we left in the first place.

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