What Baby?

Big Girl!

Millie is the end of the line (as far as we know), and as such has the distinct honor of being referred to as “The Baby,” despite the fact that she’s almost 3.5 years old. Each time we call her this, she proclaims pretty loudly that indeed, she’s not a baby, she’s a big girl! And here’s the physical proof:

– No more diapers, not even at night (glory!)
– Can enter and exit an escalator unassisted (this is a big one in our family)
– Gets herself dressed (though her combinations are fairly humorous)
– Brushes her own teeth
– Rides carousel ponies alone (today I had my hand on her back and she said, “I can do this myself, Mommy.”)

Indeed, she’s growing up quickly. They all are.

Reading in Bed


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