Some Serious Catch-Up

I took the second round of my class “Relationships in God’s Image” with Scotty Smith this weekend. This class requires two books read, two small reflection papers on the books, and one 7 page paper. The end of the semester is in May, so all along I’ve been counting on being able to work on that class after I was done with my “Teaching and Learning” class, but on Saturday I found out that my papers are actually all due on April 15. Stink. I was reminded in a hurry that, oh yes, I signed up for 5 hours this semester. It just hasn’t felt like that because 2 of those hours took place over 2 weekends separated by almost 2 months. I started the first book last night.
Laura is much improved, thanks in no small part to her mouth healing up and her feeling like eating again. Hallelujah.

Our two-week spring break is officially over and I spent a good amount of time updating our school hours in my excel spreadsheets. I realized that we’ve got about 300 hours to go before I can officially clock out of the school year. This means we won’t be done by the end of May, but I’m fine with that because I have intended all along to keep going this summer. In fact, even once we make those 300 hours, I’m pretty sure we’ll keep going because I have some educational goals that supersede the hourly goals that I want to absolutely make sure we tackle before rolling over into the next grade level.

I also spent a lot of time plugging things into our summer schedule and between Cardinal games that we got some great deals on this year, a couple of VBS programs, and some YMCA summer camp action, I think our summer will be pretty fun. Maddie was pretty disappointed when we told her that we wouldn’t be making a Colorado trip this summer so she could go to either Eagle Lake or the day camp she went to last year, but I think we convinced her finally that we can still have fun here in Missouri. Now to follow through.

Our hands are to the plow and we’re ready to get back to work. I think.