Just Checking

Maddie and I were just having a conversation on assurance of salvation and I was explaining to her that if she believes Jesus died to forgive her sins, which she does, and if she’s asked him to forgive those sins, which she has, then she has the Son of God in her heart. We talked about how the Bible says, “He who has the Son has life,” and what that means in terms of her eternal position.

She asked what that meant for Millie who hasn’t prayed to ask Jesus to forgive her sins and I said that, no, Millie hasn’t “prayed that prayer” but that I think she has an understanding of God that is appropriate for her age. I turned to Millie who was standing nearby, and said, “Hey Millie, do you know who Jesus is?” She said, “He’s the Son of God.” I said, “Do you know what He did?” She said, “He died on a cross.” I then said, “Do you know why He did that?” She said, “He died for our sins.”

There it is. Theology from a 3-year-old. Amen and amen.


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