Easter Sisters

Sisters on Easter

The dresses got done, thanks to Grandma Char who saved the day by sewing on 12 buttons yesterday afternoon. Her part in that spurred me on toward actually getting the rest of the dresses done and it probably wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t insisted on helping me! Thanks, Grandma Char!

And poor #4 – I actually ran out of fabric when I got to her dress, so her skirt has four panels of the blue plaid and four panels of plain white and they alternate all around the skirt. I was calling her Goody Millie all day because she looked like she came straight out of The Crucible time period. I figured she’s got to live in this dress in some form or fashion for the next 7 years, so it was okay that hers was different this year…

And if this fabric looks like it resembles a certain Papa and Nana’s dining room from 12 years ago… well, that’s because the fabric you see here is the extra my mom bought for me to make chair cushions to match the window treatments I made then. I never got around to making those chair cushions, so this year that extra fabric turned into four spring dresses. And now if my girls wear their dresses to my sister’s house, they will blend in with my nephew’s bedroom because those window treatments have thus been transferred on to their new life there.

My ultimate goal was to make four new dresses without spending anything financially on them.
Mission accomplished.

Now then, about those other projects…