Me 10:45

It came to me this morning as I finally and at last surrendered my will to volunteering with our church’s VBS this summer. I have rewritten Mark 10:45 to say, “For even Megan did not come to serve, but to be served. And to give her life a rest from many.”

That’s how I view VBS in my heart and mind – a 15 hour break. And it’s the great cosmic struggle every. single. stinking. springtime as whatever church we’ve been in begins preparing for that one crazy week each year and I drool over the possibility of all the things I could get done with those 15 hours. Every year I decide not to help. And every year God pricks my heart.

So I’m hereby turning in my volunteer statement. I will willingly serve our church in VBS this year.
And then I’ll send them to another church’s VBS the week after…