Home Stretch

For all intents and purposes, this is the last week of April. I’m almost done with the second book I had to read for my weekend class, which means that I’ve got until next Monday to finish that, plus write three papers. On Tuesday, I have my big 20-minute teaching project for my other class with my class partner. I should finish that 50-verse pack order that was due on the 15th tonight, so that’s just a week late and they were fine with that, so that’s good.

After my three papers, I have one more book to finish and a reading log to complete. I should then be done with my seminary work for this semester. That will feel really good. Really, really good.

With the new job on the horizon for Craig, this puts him in the position of needing to drop to part-time seminary status. This means also that my seminary class-taking experience will be on hiatus for a while because the free tuition for spouses only applies to full-time students. Looks like the wrestling I did last spring over this whole thing could very well have been setting me up for this moment.

I’ve enjoyed the education I have received thus far; and, I’ll appreciate any I might get in the future. But I’m okay with walking away with no certificate to document what I’ve done.

It’s okay.