No Ethics Anywhere

I poked around a couple of nights ago looking for online writing opportunities. I found one that sounded promising and I signed up. Today I was informed I was accepted (lucky me…). I looked deeper into their website to find the actual writing projects and guess what they are? People who need papers for academic or work credit. That’s right. A whole website dedicated to serving folks who want to pay to cheat. And I was a “lucky” accepted writer to participate in this. After discovering this, I emailed the company with this question:


I was just approved to be a writer in your system. I began looking around at the types of things to write and everything I’ve come in contact with so far involves writing a paper for someone who needs to write the paper themselves in order to receive class or work credit. Is this even legal? I’m not comfortable writing material that is then presented as someone else’s for class or work credit and I don’t think it serves them very well in the long run either.

Please advise.

Their informed response to my serious question?

Does your email mean you changed your mind?
Don’ty want to be a writer with us anymore?

Nice use of the word “dont’y” – you think? I gave them one more shot:

Hi Xxxxx,
I’m not yet saying that I’ve changed my mind, but I would like a clear answer to the question I posed. Can someone answer that for me please?
Thank you,
Megan Dunham

Somehow I’m not holding my breath over their answer. Moving on then…