How Did They Know?

This went around a long time ago, but I didn’t feel like doing it then. I felt like doing it now. Here’s what the internet genies think I could benefit from…

I think that Megan needs to become more acquainted with some of the conventions of spelling. I think that with more instruction and motivation, Megan could grow to be an excellent writer. wat’s rong with my spelng?

Megan needs a summer intern. And how.

Megan needs to go back to school. I think I’ve covered this one already.

Megan needs a pep talk. Okay, probably not a bad idea.

Megan Needs a Redneck Joke! What, I don’t hear enough from Craig already?

Megan needs to do a better job of helping with clean-up following her experiment work. Who’s been peeking in our windows again?

Megan needs some help getting started. I’m choosing not to take that personally.

The only assistance Megan needs is someone to turn her computer on at the beginning of the day. Because flipping up the lid on my iBook is just. too. much. work.

Megan needs a good laugh! She got it from the next entry too…

Megan needs to retire those hoop earrings and velour suits. Enough said.