Unexplainable Sadness

Chloe is melancholic like her daddy. She has really grown in her ability to demonstrate self-control over her mood drops in the past couple of years, for which I am very grateful. But then there are the days when it is just impossible for her to gain perspective. Today began as one of those days.

Craig has been starting out Mondays here at the house for the past few weeks, but he has an enormous paper due soon and needed to go to the seminary library this morning. Chloe couldn’t handle that. She clung more than she normally does and she cried harder than usual. When probed, she could only say that she didn’t want him to go.

She was so insistent about it, too. Her whole world was going to fall apart if he left. She didn’t know why. I found myself wondering if she knew something I didn’t. But I dismissed that thought – what good is it going to do?

Today was supposed to be our first big full school day back after our loosey goosey week last week and I balked at first of the idea of not getting that start. But Craig and I agreed – she needs to be with him this morning and that is more important than anything else I had planned for today. So I gathered up some puzzles, a single-player game, and a big book. She’s going to spend the morning in the library with him. And I hope her heart experiences some healing today.