Start Your Friendships Right Here

I was given an Amish Friendship Bread starter from a gal at my church a few weeks ago. I made my first batch and had the requisite four bags of left over starter afterwards. I kept one and took the other three to the seminary, where I learned the goofy stuff had already made its rounds over there.

So, this last time I made a double batch and had three starters left over. I wasn’t sure what to do with the other two (and I certainly didn’t need three starters growing out of control on me), so I posted my two extra starters on the St. Louis Freecycle list: Amish Friendship Bread Starter for Free.

I was doubtful anyone would come, but to my great surprise, I had several inquiries…enough to cover my next round of extra starters for sure. When I told Craig, he asked this question: “Some random guy who doesn’t know us is coming over here for a friendship starter?”

It does sound rather ironic when you say it that way, doesn’t it? Giving out “friendship” bread starter to complete strangers willing to drive across town to pick it up?

If only friendship were that easy.


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