What That End-of-the-Semester Book is Really Used For

Chloe had gynmastics tonight and I usually work out while she’s in class. Tonight I decided to read instead because I’m really not even close to being done with the book that has to be done and journaled and neatly typed up and turned in by Tuesday.

I tried to read. Really I did. But there was something so soothing about watching all those kids jump around, swinging on bars, attempting head stands, yelling, laughing, etc. And that mat I was sitting on that was propped up against that really comfy concrete wall? Irresistible.

Tonight just very well could have been the only evening of the semester in which I could have done this, but I did it. I used What the Best College Teachers Do as a pillow. And fell asleep on that really not very comfy mat against that cold, hard wall, in an insanely chaotic and noisy room.

For thirty blissful minutes.


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