My Weekend

We went to the farm for the weekend as Craig’s mom* invited all the women in the family to attend her Mary Kay meeting with her in honor of Mother’s Day. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I won something during the meeting. I actually won three somethings, but one in particular is noteworthy. I won the Hot Lips contest. Yes, you read that right. I, who seldom, if ever, wears lipstick, won the contest in which we tried on a new lipstick and puckered up for a sticky note. I am so proud.

However, if any one of you ever calls me Hot Lips, I will never speak to you again. Don’t test me on this.

I also survived some darn good food this weekend and didn’t kill my weight watchers points doing it (aren’t you all relieved?). I thought I was in trouble today when Charlotte made this amazing roast with all the trimmings, and I helped myself to seconds of almost everything. But when I got home and figured it all out, I hadn’t gone over my limit. I’m close (I have only one extra point left for the week) but I’m fine. WHEW!

We enjoyed the farm very much. There was much baseball to be had, good food, time with family, no ticks that we know of yet (but check back in 2 weeks because that’s when we usually discover them-on Katie’s head. She’s due for another anyway…) and much relaxing to be had by all (at least by all 6 of us!). The girls were sad to leave today.

Now we’re back and gearing up for another week. A week sans seminary (for me) but a week in which some solid school work needs to get done. I’m ready to get back on that horse for a while.
I hope the rest of you had a nice weekend as well. Catch you later.

*Charlotte is a great Mary Kay lady and would be happy to serve any of your Mary Kay needs. If I’m not mistaken, she even gives free shipping, so check out her website.