Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

My friend Joanna invited me to hang out with her last night at her (Very Nice) gym. The kind where they had a spa night which included a mini-massage by a licensed therapist. It was heavenly. After our 75 minutes of “spa” treatment, we went to the hot tub to hang out some more. The pool at this gym is the kind that’s really fun for kiddos, and my kids would have loved it. It had a water slide, a lazy river, and various other large plastic pool climbing toy things – you get the picture.

The water in the hot tub was super duper hot. Really too hot, if you ask me, and I like water really hot. When we got out we were burning up, so we thought we’d just get in the regular pool for a bit. This is out of character for me too because once I’ve been in a hot tub, there is no putting me in a regular pool afterwards. No way, no how. But we did last night. We rode around the lazy river commenting on how weird it was to be in the pool without our kids. Then we looked at the water slide. Looked at each other. Looked back at the water slide. And… went down it like squealing 7-year-olds.

After we got ready to go back up again, we were informed by the lifeguard that really the water slide was closed and we couldn’t go down again because there wasn’t a lifeguard manning the slide. We were a bit disappointed, but we didn’t cry or anything. Right away another staff member came up to us and said that it would be okay if we went down the slide again. Guess we looked like we could handle ourselves in the water. We started to climb back up when he called out to us, “Just… one at a time, okay?”

As if 2 middle-aged moms were going to try to make a train going down a water slide. I guess if you act 7 you get treated like you’re 7. We laughed the whole way back up the steps. And then went down three more times.


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