Feeling the Coming Summer

We had a great school week this week. Really, really great. I was so encouraged by it because I had been so discouraged by things previously. I think maybe not having any seminary work to do contributed to our great week somewhat and I can own my part in that. Maddie, who has had struggles with math, even in spite of our new program, turned a mental corner this week too, and has been fun to teach math to. That’s a huge improvement.

I congratulated the girls today on a great school week and told them I needed one more full-fledged good week out of them. After that we’ll do testing and then we’ll move into a modified summer/school schedule, which for June will be more summer than school due to our VBS, travel, and day camp plans, but that’s okay. I do have things I need to do with them academically this summer, but I think it will be good for them to feel like they’ve gotten a legitimate break for a couple of weeks. I may need it too, honestly.

I’ve already decided, along with Craig, that I need, need, need to have our mornings free and clear in order to both build momentum and also just to pull it off. This means I won’t be participating in our church’s women’s Bible study next year and I won’t be trucking Katie and Millie over to the seminary for Mom’s Morning Out because Mom’s Morning Out really usually turns into My Day Off With Kids – we seldom recover well from those 2.5 hours to get any meaningful schooling done.

I’m making these decisions now, when I feel the implications of having lived those decisions all year and not at the beginning of the fall when the amnesia of summer has made me forget why I thought it was necessary in May. Somebody hold me to it!

I’m feeling the weight of a lot of things begin to come off my shoulders now and I’m glad for that. I’m looking forward to the summer – and to the fall.