Sweet, Dangerous Job

I had an easy job this weekend. I was paid $20 an hour to sit and watch the front of a store and record how many people used a certain type of machine. I did this for 8 hours (2 shifts of four hours each). While watching for people to use the machine I watched movies on my computer and perused the Veritas Press catalog.

Let me tell you, The $160 I made this weekend would barely put a dent into everything I think I now need for homeschooling next year after drooling over the catalog for longer than necessary.
And is there anything for making you feel like you’ve made all the wrong curriculum decisions up to now like looking at a totally new resource with totally new books and wondering if your children have missed out for the past few years? (That’s not a real question – I know that isn’t true. Yet looking at the catalog did make me feel like that just a bit.)

I know there are probably folks who used Sonlight and switched to Veritas material. When did you switch (if you switched)? Was there enough teacher guidance to help you make the switch (I’m addicted to the Sonlight instructor guide)? Has anyone done Sonlight, but thrown in other things from Veritas? Did you drive yourself nuts by doing so?

I want to do it all, but neither time nor budget will allow for that. Aarrrggghhh!!