Sight of Summer


There’s just nothing like a good hill-roll with a grassy back to prove it, done about five minutes after the first official picnic of the summer, eaten at the first official trip to a new park to get things kicked off just right.

Welcome, Summer! We’re ready for you.


God of the Little Things

We’ve really tightened up for the summer in a budget sense. And I’m talking about more than usual even because of the fact that Craig has no teaching income coming in for the next couple of months. We’re not worried, but we’re doing our best to be as responsible as possible with what we have.

Two nights ago I went to Wal-mart for two specific things. When I went in, I saw a display with plastic cafeteria-type trays, you know, the kind that are divided for the different types of food. They came in 4 cool colors and they weren’t that expensive and we actually need some kind of plastic plate thing for the girls to eat on outside because I’ve been nervous about sending them out with our only set of glass plates.

So I picked up two of each color and thought, “It’ll only be $8 and that’s not too bad.” I stacked them up and prepared to put them in the cart when I looked at them again and said to myself, “Yes, $8 we don’t have right now and they were not on the list, so put them back!”

I didn’t feel sorry for myself or deprived or anything – it was just a simple little thing and it was easy to let go.

Today I went to a woman’s house to pick up a basket of random freecycle items she was getting rid of. And inside the basket were 8 of these same type of plates, only the round kind. The same colors (2 of each), with dividers on them for the different types of food. And 8 bowls to match. They were new and they were perfect. They were free and I didn’t even ask for them.

The moment was not lost on me. I didn’t even ask God for something as seemingly insignificant as 8 cheap plastic plates in sweet colors for the girls to enjoy eating outdoors on this summer. But I felt like I was rewarded in my decision to be faithful to the budget parameters we set this summer. I’m not at all saying that all of our desires are going to be magically (or supernaturally) granted this summer just because we’re doing the right thing, but for this one instance, I felt like that was exactly what happened. I mean, what are the odds that the very item I said, “No,” to two days before would appear like that from a stranger who had no idea I’d even wanted them?
Nope. It was the Lord. The same one who knows the number of every hair on our heads and who clothes each sparrow. He picks out trendy plastic dinnerware for four little girls in the Midwest and offers them up free of charge.