Tour de Librarie

Today marked the first official day of Summer Reading Programs in libraries all around St. Louis. This is a significant thing because St. Louis has so many separate libary systems. Different systems means different reading programs. The more reading programs the better the prize earnings.

I’ve had it on the calendar for more than two weeks now that today would be the day we would go all over town signing up at the various libraries, and we did just that today. We are officially signed up at four different libraries.

Of course some are better than others, and, of course, the one closest to our house has the dumbest prizes. But that didn’t deter us from signing up there too. Two of the libraries even had programs for the grown-ups. I’m almost as excited about that as I was about my 4th grade class sticker chart for making straight A’s on spelling tests, but that’s another blog post…

We’ll spend the great majority of our summer library program patronage at the Kirkwood library where they have the BEST program (and prizes) around. But our best chance of getting Cardinal’s tickets comes from the city branch so we’ll make a few trips down there as well.
I love the summer for many reasons, but the summer library reading incentives are right at the top of my list.

(And, no, I don’t want to read any articles on how bad it is to externally motivate children to read by offering them food or prizes. My kids read anyway. For us, the summer programs are simply a way to earn free stuff for doing something they already love to do. End of justification.)