8 RanDOm tHiNgs ABoUt mE

1. I’m a bad meme-er. I usually forget to follow through, but if I do, it’s usually because I’ve been tagged more than once. (This post brought to you by both Lyra and Janeen).

2. I’m an ISTJ, yet I’m choosing specifically NOT to follow the rules for this meme because I have a streak of rebellion in me.

3. According to our family scrapbook, we still live in Colorado. We moved to Missouri 2.5 years ago.

4. I like to read Stephen King books, but in very small doses (like one book every two years).

5. I also like to read Jan Karon books and was a serious Janette Oak fan in middle school. I have all her books and plan to introduce my girls to them at a similar age.

6. I dislike talking on the phone, and to this day can’t leave a coherent message on an answering machine. I stumble and blabber on and on before coming to my poorly-made point.

7. We have a complete collection of Little House on the Prairie on DVD lined neatly up right beside our complete collection of The X-Files on DVD.

8. I’m supposed to provide a store-bought pre-packaged snack for Maddie and Chloe’s baseball game tomorrow morning, but I’m too tired to go to the store for something like that, and don’t have the extra cash for it anyway. Instead I’m going to make whole-wheat banana oatmeal muffins in the morning and take my chances on the kids not eating them because they look too healthy or didn’t come in a Little Debbie’s box.

I’m supposed to tag folks right now, but see random fact #2.