Lost Tooth

I haven’t been this glad to see a Friday night come in a long time. The week was long though the girls had fun at VBS, so that was good (I think).

Chloe, who didn’t have a loose tooth yet, tied a knot in a Twizzler stick she was given for memorizing verses this week. When she bit down, she knocked her bottom middle tooth loose, and later on today it came out altogether. She became an instant distractor from the Bible lesson today, not to mention a hero, as she had blood and a newly loose tooth to show off. She was in pain, but not a little proud of her “achievement.”

Another highlight of the evening was tonight’s carnival, during which Craig served as “barker” for the dunking booth. Though he’s an introvert at heart, the man can talk smack when he has to, and he was in smack-talking form tonight.

Personally, my extrovert function has reached its point of saturation, and I have very little plans to leave the house next week. Stick a fork in me; I’m done.

That’s that. Here’s hoping the girls sleep in tomorrow and that it rains all day (okay, so I’m sort of kidding about that second one – maybe).