Museuming It with Memorial Folks

Memorial Picnic Fun

We had fun today at the St. Louis Art Museum. They have family events on Sundays where they provide an art activity for the kids and a 30-minute family tour. There were several of us from the church who went today for a picnic on the lawn, followed by the indoor events.

Here’s some of the kiddos (my kids, the Sargent boys, and John) in front of the metal tree (it was hot there and most of them did NOT want to have their picture taken at that moment in time…).

The Metal Tree

We went inside, where everyone was given his or her own sketch book and pencil and encouraged to sit around the exhibit of stuffed animals and sketch away. I took this photo before being instructed (kindly) that flash photography was not allowed inside the museum (shucks).


They had some live animals outside for the kiddos to observe and try to sketch:

Sketch the Turtle

Here’s a shot of Erica and Deryl (they showed up after the picnic, along with Mariah, Ricky, and Judy) with Eric (where’s John???). Michelle had to go home early because she wasn’t feeling well (sorry, Michelle!)


Speaking of John, here he is!

Eric and John

Here we have some serious sketching taking place:

Sketching Girl


And finally, the Dunham family’s artisitic interpretations of the indoor animals:

Mountain Goat

Our time at the museum and with the Memorial folks was a lot of fun. Next up is a trip to the Missouri Botanical Gardens this Wednesday.