Lemonade for Sale!


We were going to do a regular school day today, but the girls begged to set up a lemonade stand instead. I figured they actually needed the practice with figuring out money, so I decided to let them do it.


They were so excited to get everything together and set the whole thing up all by themselves (though I gave a little creative direction).


Then we had a little lesson about not actually going into the street.


And the fun began. Our neighbors were the first customers and then Katie and Millie made several paying visits. I thought that might be the extent of it, but boy, was I wrong!


They have made over $16 dollars so far and have no plans to quit. We’re on the last batch of cookies (I told them I’d only be making one double-batch for this). They are almost gone, but the lemonade is bottomless and they said they will stay out all day. I’m sure the mid-western sun will have something to say about that in another hour or so, but I’ll let them stay out as long as they want. I have a good view of them from the living room where the air conditioning is on. This just may be our new calling…


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