They Will Sell Them on a Train, They Will Sell Them in the Rain

Selling in the Rain

As much as I tried to convince them that people don’t really stop at lemonade stands in the rain at 8am in the morning, they were bound and determined to try their hand at capitalism yet again.

Their sign tended to agree with me, though:

Sign of the Times

Still, they’ve made about $5 so far (never mind that $3 came from Daddy, Katie, and Millie). I took pity on them and quickly made them a new sign, though it’s not protected much better than the other one and should soon see the same fate.

Lemonade and Cookies

And yes, I’m questioning the wisdom in letting them sit outside in the rain all morning and wondering if it will mean sniffles later on today. I’m hoping they can prove to be resilient kids who can just play in the rain without harm, even if that “play” is their second attempt at filling their piggy banks.